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Power Transmission
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Torque Capacity


Designed and engineered for high performance and low cost the stock line of flexible shafts for power transmission covers most applications right “off the shelf”.

They are available in 3 basic configurations:   PTS – complete assembly with sleeve bearing equipped connectors for moderate speed power transmission and remote control use. PTB – complete assembly with ball bearing equipped connectors for high speed power transmission use. FC – inner core only with attached connectors for low speed power transmission and remote control use. 

Flexible shafts are still the simplest, most economical way to transmit rotation around, under, over or through obstructions.  They account for misalignment, vibration, torque shock, and movement of driving and driven components.  If space is a problem, flexible shafts allow the driving unit (electric motor or power takeoff) to be located remotely.  This allows a powerful source to transmit rotation into a small space.  When designed into a product they cut costs dramatically since they eliminate gearboxes, chains, pulleys and universal joints.  They can be retrofitted to existing equipment to allow all of the benefits to be  applied to troublesome machinery.  Since flexible shafts are enclosed units they are much safer to operate in open areas than exposed gears or belts.  They require minimal maintenance and resist dust and contaminants.  They can be constructed of materials that effectively deal with wet or corrosive environments.

Standard items are available for same day shipment.

We specialize in custom designed and built flexible shafts.  We offer the fastest delivery and no minimums or set up charges.

Flexible Shaft Corporation offers a wide range of products, accessories, supplies, and custom tools. Please use the links below to find the tool, accessory, or supplies that fits your needs.


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         PTS                    PTB                                      FC


INNER CORE                                                                                                      

The heart of the flexible shaft.  Constructed of high-tensile strength wire, it transmits rotary motion over a wide range of speeds and torque loads.                                                                                                                    



Power transmission flexible shafts are designed to transmit the greatest amount of torque in one direction only.  Torque capacity in opposite direction is reduced by 30% or more.  To determine the direction of rotation: face the output shaft of the power source.  Counterclockwise rotation uses right-hand core. Clockwise rotation uses left-hand core.



Standard power transmission flexible shafts have unlimited applications in the aerospace, nuclear, agricultural, aviation, and marine fields.  They are excellent for use in custom machinery applications due to their versatility and low cost.


TORQUE AND RADIUS OF CURVATURE                                                  

Selection of the correct flexible shaft is determined by the torque to be transmitted and the minimum operating radius needed. See “Torque Capacity” chart for more information and calculations.                                



Flexible shafts can be supplied for remote control applications where torsional deflection is more important than torque load.


BALL BEARING ENDS                                                                                    

Run true and cool at high R.P.M.  Tolerate lateral loads.  Highest  precision, smallest lateral runout.


PROTECTION SPRINGS                                                                                

Optional flat steel springs assembled on one or both ends of casing.  Used when smaller than recommended operating radius may occur.  Serves to strengthen the outside of the casing and prevent kinking.



On longer shafts the casing should be supported along its length so as not to place undue stress on the various components of the flexible shaft, power source, and  driven member.



For low and moderate speed applications.  Low lateral loads recommended.  Smallest possible outside diameter for use in limited space areas



Tough, abrasion resistant cover supports and shields the core.  It protects operating personnel from the rotating core and allows the flexible shaft to be safely handled while running.



Standard connectors have female arbor holes of various bores and are secured with socket set screws.  For male ends, insert a steel rod of needed size.  Custom connectors are available by special order – see following information or contact customer service.



The flexible shaft should always be operated at the fastest possible speed.  This lowers the torque load and increases life expectancy.   


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