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Custom Shaft Machine


Flexible Shaft Corporation offers a wide range of products, accessories, supplies, and custom tools. Please use the links to the left (or below) to find the tool, accessory, or supplies that fits your needs.

Q: Why buy your Flexible Shaft Machine from FLEXIBLE SHAFT CORPORATION?

A:  For over 65 years our name has said it all.  Flexible shafting is all we do, and we do it better than anyone.

Our Flexible Shaft Machines are not the least expensive but they are the best value.  A Flexible Shaft Machine is a piece of industrial equipment – it should be made like one!  You don’t want to replace it in a few years.  Our machines routinely last decades.  With proper care they will last a lifetime.  Planned obsolescence does not apply to Flexible Shaft Corporation’s products.  Compare some of the major construction details outlines below to any machine on the market.  We’re sure you’ll agree that our products are the best investment.

The base of our machine is a heavy cast iron piece with a built in tool tray – not a thin sheet metal stamping.  The three legs are also cast iron and the casters are double wheel ball bearing units rated at 300lbs capacity each.  Compare this to angle iron legs with “office furniture” casters.  The extras heavy castings used on our machines not only insure long life but also make the machine extremely stable so it will not tip over when moved.  Our handpiece holder is located on the vertical tube attached to the base.  Thus, rotating abrasive wheels are located inside the perimeter of the machine.  This safety feature greatly lessens the chance of accidentally walking into an unattended grinding or polishing wheel.  Our yoke is a solid aluminum casting for lightweight strength; it is not just a piece of bent flat steel stock.  A large handle with no slip grip and a draw bar allow the motor to be locked in any position – no tools needed.  The solid cast motor mounting plate supports a top mounted heavy duty, easy to operate specification grade manual contactor type on/off switch.  Others use a flimsy toggle switch housed in a vulnerable side mounted box which prevents the motor from swinging fully in the yoke.  Our motors are totally enclosed for long life in dusty, dirty environments.  There is no exposed wiring to become damaged.  Our multiple speed machines use a hinge type countershaft for rapid speed changes – a locking device maintains belt tension – no slipping.  The pulley guard swings open for easy speed changes.  Since there is no need to remove the guard it can’t be misplaced or forgotten – a much safer design.  Our Flexible Shafts have swivel assemblies on both ends for ease of movement.  Our floor models stand 4ft tall, which is the optimum height for workbenches and saw horses.  It is much easier to use than cheaper floor level machines and it allows the entire length of the Flexible Shaft to be functional.  The motor and Flexible Shaft move through 360 in three axes for effortless control.  Our handpieces use only maintenance free double shielded ball bearings for smooth operation and long life.  Adapter type handpieces allow any grinding or polishing accessory to be used.  You are not limited to a certain arbor hole nor do you have to replace an expensive handpiece to use different wheels.

We know that when you compare these features, you will have only one choice.  The best investment is a Flexible Shaft Machine from Flexible Shaft Corporation – the best equipment at any price.

We offer the finest multispeed Flexible Shaft Machines. Look here for the top of the line multispeed machines.

When only a single speed machine will do, look here for the best of the single speed machines.

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